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May 11, 2014 2 minutes read

I have recently migrated my blog from Blogger and Tumblr to Octopress. Process was fairy simple. I found two scripts to convert my old posts to Markdown files for Octopress.

Importing Blogger Blog Posts to Octopress

Firstly, I exported blog archive from Blogger to XML archive (Blogger->Settings->Other->Export Blog)

Then I found a script to convert blogger XML file to Octopress posts fileset. I had to install nokogiri gem first.

gem install nokogiri
ruby import.rb my-blog.xml

Script created _posts and _drafts folders with HTML post files. Anyway, it worth reviewing posts and correcting a markup, if necessary.

Importing Tumblr Blog Posts to Octopress

There is a ruby script for Jekyll for importing Tumblr blogs.

$ gem install jekyll-import
$ ruby -rubygems -e 'require "jekyll-import";{
      "url"            => "",
      "format"         => "md", # "html" or "md"
      "grab_images"    => false,  # whether to download images as well.
      "add_highlights" => false,  # whether to wrap code blocks (indented 4 spaces) in a Liquid "highlight" tag
      "rewrite_urls"   => false   # whether to write pages that redirect from the old Tumblr paths to the new Jekyll paths

Script created _posts/tumblr with folders with Markdown files.

The only thing left is to review imported posts and include them to new blog. That’s it.

Creating a Github Blog Using Octopress by Tom Ordonez

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