The Most (and Least) Reliable Hard Drive and SSD Brands

May 15, 2014 1 minutes read

HDD Failure Rates

HDD 36 Months Survuval Rate

Annual Failure Rate

Hitachi is the winner!

Source: The Most (and Least) Reliable Hard Drive Brands:

SSD Failure Rates

From Marc Prieur, of, here are the SSDs failures rates according to a French e-tailer as of October 2013:

  • Samsung 0,28%
  • Intel 0,63%
  • Kingston 1,00%
  • Corsair 1,88%
  • Crucial 2,26%
  • OCZ 2,27%

The failure rates are based on parts sold between October 1st 2012 and April 1st 2013, for returns before October 2013, which represents 6 months to one year of usage. The statistics per brand are based on a sample of at least 500 sales.

Do note that although these numbers don’t paint the complete picture of world wide failure rates, but they are still an interesting sample to look at.

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