CI Setup Tips

Jul 17, 2016

You may find following tips useful when setting up continuous integration infrastructure.


Use VPN or reverse proxy provider like to secure your CI infrastructure. Never make your real IPs publicly available, otherwise you increase a risk of being hacked.


Use master node and build agents. Master node acts only as web console. Nodes are for compiling and testing.


If you’re using google apps for domain, you may use Google’s restricted SMTP server to send notifications. You will be restricted to sending messages to Gmail or Google Apps users only, but it’s ok in most cases. See this reference page from Google.


  • Disable redeploy of the artifacts with same versions to the artifact repository (e.g. Nexus)
  • Use semver specification for versioning your software: major.minor.build_number.
  • Never reuse build numbers. New build => new software version.
  • Maven-release-plugin will help you to increment versions of your project.
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