Links on REST API Design

Aug 18, 2016 2 minutes read

Here you will find a small collection of links on REST API design.

  • Designing a Beautiful REST+JSON API – In this presentation, Les Hazlewood (@lhazlewood) - Stormpath CTO and Apache Shiro PMC Chair - will share all of the golden nuggets learned while designing, implementing and supporting JSON-based REST APIs, using examples from a clean real-world REST+JSON API built with Java technologies. He covers:
    • JSON-based data formats in a RESTful API
    • References to other JSON-based resources (aka ‘linking’)
    • Resource collections and pagination
    • How to map (and how not to map) HTTP methods to Resource CRUD
    • Resource partial updates
    • Supporting HTTP Method Overloading for clients that don’t support HTTP PUT and DELETE
    • API versioning strategies
    • Meaningful Error responses
    • Many-to-many resource relationships
    • HTTP Caching and Optimistic concurrency control
    • Authentication and Security
  • Secure Your API - Tips for REST + JSON Developers – Technical overview on how to secure your API, from Les Hazlewood (@lhazlewood), CTO of Stormpath and PMC Chair of Apache Shiro. (Excerpt from Les’ talk on API design at Silicon Valley Java Users Group)

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