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Applying Courage in Software Development

Job is not a place for feats. But sometimes you have to be brave to overcome and complete that others considered impossible.

How Does New Oracle JVM Licensing Encourage Agility

What happened? Oracle has changed release and licensing policy for JDK: The JDK still remains completely free for use. The thing that is changing is the availability of updates to specific versions of the JDK. The only free for use in production JDK binary available from Oracle (as of JDK 11) will be the OpenJDK binaries. These will only have public security patch and bug fix updates for six months, until the release of the next version.

The Typical Mistake in Web-Service Design

Working on different projects I often see the same problems with application design.

The Programmers Oath

A must-see speech by Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin on programmers responsibilities in digital world and 9 principles every programmer should follow (“The Coders' Code”).

UI-First Development

One of the challenge for start-up or any new project is to reduce amount of work yet to deliver full-featured product. Agile methodologies address this challenge on project management level. Let’s discuss one more approach to address it on architecture level: UI-first development.

Recommended Scrum Presentations

For those, who not yet familiar with Scrum, I highly recommend to watch the “Scrum Training Series” presentations and the website.

A Scrum Reference Card is also useful to understand what the Scrum is, it’s processes, roles and practices.

The presentations describes the Scrum process step by step.

Introduction to Scrum

Introduction to Scrum Presentation

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