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JetBrains Idea is the perfect IDE for Java. It requires JDK 1.6+ to run. When you want to run it on Mac without Java 1.6 installed, OS will ask you to install it. But if you have already newer Java version installed, you may run Idea under that newer JDK. Execute in terminal: $open /Applications/IntelliJ\ IDEA\ TextEdit app will be opened. Find: <key>JVMVersion</key> <string>1.6*</string> then replace 1.

JetBrains Idea is my favorite IDE and I love it! It has the most necessary features for java developer out-of-the-box. Even in Community Edition you’ll find a lot of them! Difference between Community and Ultimate editions is with a set of plugins from JetBrains available. Native plugins are well tested and work like a charm, in contrast with Eclipse, where you have to do install/configure some extra plugins before you can start coding.

Jetbrains Idea is a perfect IDE (sorry, Eclipse fans). But, like every tool, sometimes it needs some customization to fit your needs. Today I want to show how to adjust it’s code-generation templates.

When you generates a new class or method using Idea, it creates one using predefined templates. You may modify that template in «Settings -> File and Code templates» section.

Modifying file

When configuring executors in multithreaded application, do not forget to assign names to your threads. It simplifies later profiling a lot, when you see a meaningful thread names in your profiler. For example, you may use CustomizableThreadFactory from SpringFramework for that.