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Using Self-Signed Multi-Domain Certificates

Self-signed certificates are usually used for TLS authentication on non-production environments. We’ll discuss here how to generate proper certificate for your server.

External Site Monitoring

How did you know that your site is down? From your customers? Then it’s time to start using some external monitoring tool.

UI-First Development

One of the challenge for start-up or any new project is to reduce amount of work yet to deliver full-featured product. Agile methodologies address this challenge on project management level. Let’s discuss one more approach to address it on architecture level: UI-first development.

Spring+Freemarker Tips

I hope you will find following tips useful when developing Spring Boot application with Freemarker.

DevMode Javascript Exception Handler

StackOverflow-driven JS development: try { something } catch (e) { window.open('https://stackoverflow.com/search?q=[js]+"' + e.message + '"'); }

Secure Java Coding Best Practices

Making your web application flawless against security attacks is a challenge for every java developer. In this article I will briefly describe common practical development techniques that can help you to achieve it.

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